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Our goal is for you to be able to get to know us and, if you like what you see, contact us personally. We love to give site tours, so don't be shy to set one up.

What We Offer

We specialize in reading and math. We work with ages 4 through 18 using Oklahoma-approved curriculum, SmartBoard Technology, hands-on manipulatives, and games to make learning fun. Our tutors are also trained in various learning styles and differentiated instruction while striving to stay current on maximizing learning according to how brains process information. We offer "brain games" that help build processing and patterning skills as well as logic. Penmanship is often a weak area for these students, so they're given special pencil grips and retrained. If a child needs a colored sentence isolater for dyslexia, we have it. Younger students are given a strong phonics base using Saxon Phonics in addition to building fluency and comprehension skills. If your child needs something and it is within our ability to purchase/obtain it, we will.

About Us

Two Ladies Tutoring was born from the hearts of two female elementary teachers who watched in dismay, year after year, while too many students fell behind. The reasons are multitude, but we were more interested in a solution. We believe God gave us one in the form of Two Ladies Tutoring. He then went on to provide everything needed from ideas to funding for the building of a one-of-a-kind tutoring facility. He told us to make it affordable for the parents, achievable for the students, and a way for teachers to make extra income without taking a second job outside of teaching. We're not here to make a million dollars; we're here to fulfill the previous statement. Our heart is for your child to succeed, and we know how to make that happen without all the restrictions placed on us within a government-funded classroom. God called us to be teachers, He equipped us to be teachers, and we are extremely effective at teaching. If you need us or know someone who does, call.

Sessions and Cost

Tutoring is recommended twice weekly but not limited to that. You and your tutor will work together to find a schedule and location that fits you both. Some of the older students prefer meeting at a Library or other geographically convenient site rather than the tutoring facility. The sessions are 60 minutes in length, and you have the flexibility of being able to cancel or reschedule should the need arise. With advance notice, there is no penalty; however, no-shows or insufficient notice provided the teacher will result in your being charged for that session. Another benefit is your choice of Pay-As-You-Go $50 per lesson OR purchase a 5-Pack of lessons for $200. For younger students, the first two lessons are discounted 50% as that time is used to evaluate student strengths and weaknesses in reading fluency, comprehension, and math facts, and then to communicate the results with you, the parent/guardian.

For any questions, please contact Babette Levy at (918) 406-5006 or email at babette@twoladiestutoring.com

1813 E Reno St